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About the AMCH
Annapoorana Medical College and Hospitals (AMCH) is a pioneering and vibrant Institution offering a multi-cultural experience with an ambience marked by the perfect harmony of living in diversity. The AMCH is committed to offering education in the most professional manner and one that ensures enormous growth potential to the students.

The Vision of the AMCH is To Provide Excellence in Education.

This site is exclusively developed for the registered staffs & students of AMCH for the ‘Student Support Services’ which includes
  • Curriculum
  • MCQ Exams and Self Assessment
  • On-line submission of assignments
  • Question Bank
  • Exam related activities etc
Student Support Service Portal (SSSP)
All registered students of “AMCH” shall have the privilege to access the Students Support Service Portal (SSSP) of AMCH, Salem. This portal will provide each student with individual screens for accessing all information which include Curriculum, Lesson Plan, Daily Timetable, Teaching Plan, Online MCQ Exams, Self Assessment, Online Assignment Submission, Attendance Report, Staffs Feedback, Lecture Hour Feedback, Question Bank, Model University Question Paper etc.
Self assessment is a technique where students can access their learning and understanding of each course of study through a process which is integrated with the e-learning solution. This methodology will help each student to critically evaluate his learning capabilities and can estimate his/her level of understanding in each course of study.
Libraries are repositories and access points for print, audio, and visual materials in numerous formats, including maps, prints, documents, e-books, audio books and many other electronic resources. Digital library will provide all required learning formats in a digital format that can be easily downloaded or reviewed on-line for immediate reference.
Discussion Forum is very similar to BLOGS where any register students of AMCH can post his or her queries to a panel of experts who are available to discuss the query. Here the registered students after log-in can post their queries to respective departments for the discussion.
All registered student of AMCH can post their grievances through this Student Support Service Portal (SSSP). Here all grievances are tracked and addressed by respective ‘Grievance Redressal Officers’ of this AMCH within a specified period of time. The status of all grievances is posted on-line for the benefit of the students until it is fully addressed.
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